Zach - Selfie - Feb 2018

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.

To tell you a little bit about myself: I hold down a regular 9 to 5 office job during the week as an administrator for a law school in New York City. When I’m not at my desk, you can find me furiously typing away at freelance writing projects or pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a backup dancer. (I’m only half kidding about that last part.)

I have a master’s degree in Latin American Studies and a bachelor’s in sociology so you might find some Spanish and Portuguese phrases thrown around from time to time, and you will definitely notice a social sciencey slant to my work. If you haven’t already gathered from the tagline, I’m particularly interested in topics surrounding queer theory, gender, feminism, politics, and culture. I also like to try to get in touch with my artsy side through the occasional creative nonfiction piece.

“Why the hell would you name the blog Kafka’s Door?” you may be wondering. It comes from a reference in an article by Judith Butler to the parable found in Franz Kafka’s The Trial. For a longer explanation on why I chose that name, check out my first blog entry.

Finally, I would love to hear from you! Hit me up on social media or send me a message through the contact section.

Welcome to Kafka’s Door!

City Lights
From the basement of City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.